• Anthony Domish - Big City to a Small Town

  • Posted on March 20, 2019
  • The transition from big city to small town can be one that not everyone can handle. While it can be a less stressful environment, it can also create more anxiety due to the community being more interwoven. Anthony Domish made this exact transition for a variety of reasons some of these reasons were personal and others were professional. Anthony Domish currently resides in Ferry County, Washington. While this small town is his current home, he was raised in a very different kind of environment. He started his life in Seattle's Capitol Hill neighborhood. If you don’t already know, Seattle’s Capitol Hill area is a big city with a plethora of industries and goings on. This booming area of Seattle helped develop Anthony Domish into the man he is today. He learned there what it was to work hard as well as what the responsibility of being a public employee can bring.

    He knew that he wanted to work in the criminal justice system and so he began his education by attending O'Dea High School and went on straight after that to study Criminal Justice and Public Administration. He has had the privilege of being a police officer for the last 24 plus years and plans to continue to serve his small town community of Ferry County to the best of his abilities in the years to come.

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