• Anthony Domish, Law Enforcement Expert

  • Posted on June 21, 2019
  • Anthony Domish has been very active in the law enforcement community throughout the state of Washington over the past quarter century, to the point that he holds professional memberships in the International Association of Police Chiefs and the Washington Association of Sherrifs and Police Chiefs. In addition he is an active member of the Yakima County Police Chief Association, the Snohomish County Police Chief Association and others. That points to a pretty strong career in law enforcement.

    Currently, Tony Domish lives and works in Ferry County, Washington, which is across the state from where he actually grew up. Tony Domish was born and raised in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle, where he graduated from O'Dea High School. Following that, Tony went on to study Criminal Justice and Public Administration, before attending and completing the work at both the Washington State Criminal Justice Basic Law Enforcement Academyand the Washington State Criminal Justice Reserve Officer Academy. That obviously wasn’t enough for Tony Domish to his more than 4000 hours of specialized law enforcement post academy training, so he is very highly qualified in the field of criminal justice and law enforcement. Tony Domish, since he sought out and received certification from the Criminal Justice Training Commission First level, and also for his skills as in middle management and as an executive.

    There is far more to Anthony Domish than education and certificates; he has also had the god sense to put all that to good use in service to the people of Washington State. He can pint to a long and distinguished career as a police officerin a number of municipalities in Eastern Washington. His experience was so thorough, he even became the police chief in several counties, towns and cities there.

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